Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Spartan Pictures

Watermarked pictures because I am too cheap to buy them :D

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spartan Sprint Brisbane 2014

7KM obstacles run! Before the race I have been watching GoPro recorded videos of the track and after the race I realised the Brisbane track is so much more difficult (even a volunteer confirmed it - it is one of the toughest track for Spartan Sprint). EVERY FAILED OBSTACLE = 30 BURPEES.

Before race. So so so so clean.

After the race. Look at the amount of mud on my face. It's like I just did some mud facial. 


 I hate it when events don't prepare enough shirts of your size -___- our run was pretty late so we were only left with XXL shirts.

Our bandana looking artistic and shit. One may think that the splatters were carefully designed but it was actually due to the mud pool obstacle. I am actually impressed by how artistic it looks as it was caused non-intentionally.

I will try to recall all the obstacles in chronological order for this blog post. Note: names inaccurate and pictures are from google.

1. Toblerone Over


Pretty easy especially if you're tall. Just don't rush too hard in case you hurt your crotch lol.

2. Climb over 4ft and 5ft wall

4ft was pretty easy, I could jump and do a fake muscle up. For 5 ft I needed a boost from Shin ;__;

3. Over unders

Easy but I scraped my back a little.

4. Tranverse walls

HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!!! The blocks on my wall were very far from each other, essentially I had to fit both my feet on one tiny block to move to the next block. My arms and back died after this obstacle ;_____; I somewhat cheated by holding on to the top hahahha ;____;

5. Toblerone Unders

Basically the same toblerones as before but this time you have to go under it. Harder than it looks because my legs are too long so I can't crawl through the space wtf. Basically I had to use my elbows to pull my entire body forward. My elbows were so damn bruised.

6. Swim!!!

Had to do ~100m of swimming. First time swimming in a murky lake with my sports shoes. The water had a weird taste. This obstacle should be the last one so I can wash off all the mud I gathered throughout the course haha.

7. Barbed wire!

After the swim we had to get dirty because of this obstacle D: I tried crawling at first but then we realised rolling sideways (like a log) is so much more energy efficient lol and we rolled the entire course lolol. We had to do this TWICE. The only con to rolling is it makes me so damn dizzy.

I used rock tape for my knee (prevention purposes) and half of it came undone in this obstacle but thank god it did not hurt during the entire course.

8. Kettlebell Pull

HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!!! 20KG for women. 32KG for men. I can lift 20kg, I am certain of it. BUT I could only get this halfway off the ground ;_______; The guys had trouble even getting it off the ground even when they used their entire body weight to pull it. We think it's the massive friction at the top because they didn't use a pulley. Burpees for me!

9. Sandbag carry

This killed me. I needed so much mental strength to finish this. 15KG for the ladies and 20KG for the guys. This lasted for about 1KM and half of the track was up hill, a lot of people gave up halfway as we can see a lot of abandoned sand bags on the top of the hill. I needed a lot of lower back strength to keep it on me when going up hill and it made my lower back so sore. I threw the bag down in frustration so many times and had to trouble Shin to put it on my shoulders again ;____; It was hard but I completed it!!!

10. More weight carry

35KG for ladies, 55KG for men. The weight is in a form of a mushy ball (slightly bigger than basketball) and you have to carry it off the ground and walk for 10 meters. It sounds easy but getting 35kg off the ground was pretty hard especially when it is a mushy ball!! Nearly killed my back lol.

11. Upside down rope travel

We had cushioning at the bottom instead of water. The rope was higher up than my height, I couldn't even get my legs on top of the rope (poor core strength) let alone crossing the damn rope. BURPEES FOR ME!!!

12. Rope climb

Some of the other courses (from other parts of the world) had knots on the rope and sadly ours doesn't ;____; yeah burpees for me.

13. Rope cross over thingamajig

Pretty easy but can be sort of scary.

14. Weight dragging
This was pretty easy.

15. Spear throw
Only 1 try. Burpees for me ;_____;

16. Mud mud mud mud mud
 There were like 5 sets of these mud hills + NECK DEEP MUD POOL. The mud was so slippery we ended up sliding down every hill into the mud pools. SO STINKY AND MUDDY AND I DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW WHAT WENT INTO MY PANTS. Mud got into my nostrils, my ears, my mouth etc I am still finding dried mud on places I shouldn't after multiple showers -.-

17. Absailing 
I can't find pictures of this anywhere but basically it's absailing down a very STEEP and muddy slope. This scared me shitless because we had only a rope to hold on to. No harness no protection no nothing. Halfway down my arms were so so so so tired from holding on to the rope. Plus I was wearing my very old shoes with little grip ;_____; so scared.

18. River walk ~500M?
We had to walk in a river with varying depths. There were so many rocks hidden in the murky waters I tripped a thousand times lolol ;___; so many scratches and bruises.

19. Monkey bars + gymnastic rings 
 For our course it was like 10 monkey bar steps, 10 gymnastic rings set and 10 monkey bar steps. Yeahhhhh burpees for me. Shin reckon he would've completed this if it was monkey bars only.

20. Slippery slope
Super slippery slope. Harder than it looks!!! I was stuck at the top for quite some time like that guy in the picture at the verge of slipping so I had to lunge forward at the top and hug the top and pull my legs over the structure -_-

21. 8ft wall!!!!!!

Ladies get a different wall with a plank on the wall 2ft off the ground but it was still hard because it was impossible to jump on the tiny ass plank anyway -___- a volunteer gave me a boost and I managed to get over with much difficulty (ie trying not to die or dislocate my knee while getting myself down). The guys mostly ran and did a pull up and then elbowed the top and got over. I gave Shin a tiny boost when he was stuck at the top :3

22. more barbed wire
Tore my nike pants ;____; it has tiny holes now.

23. Balance Planks

The plank was pretty long (with zig zag formations) and was located at a damn slope. Burpees hell yeahhhh.

24. Fire jumps
 Easy peasy.

25.  Fight off 'spartans'
There are spartans basically blocking the finish line and you have to resist/run past them/take a hit.


We finished the course in 3 hours ;____; I'm glad that my legs can still handle 7K of rough terrain (legs are not particularly sore) after not doing any training on running. I should probably train up my cardio resistance again ;_;

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mum visits

After settling my second sis at Melbourne, my mum dropped by Brisbane to spend the weekend (;___; could've been longer but I have work on weekdays gahh) before heading back to Malaysia. Never have I eaten out so much in a weekend if not for my mum...

Mum came with gifts she's like my personal shopper heh heh :3 I got more work out clothes (you can never have enough), slippers (the old ones are completely smooth at the bottom), wallet (my old one is disastrous it looks like it's been chewed and spit out by a dog) and a couple pair of jeans.

I think that pretty much shows how non-existent shopping is in Brisbane.

Aforementioned old wallet vs new wallet.

I don't know why when we went for coffee and I ordered chai tea with milk it came in a bowl. Nope, I did not finish it. 

More desserts because my mum has a sweet tooth:

Mum arrived on valentine's day and I decided to bring her to Max B for chocolate (because I haven't been there before either) and we waited in line for almost 30 minutes because so many couples were there celebrating v-day. At that time I was honestly too full to properly enjoy the desserts but I guess the place was pretty alright (extremely over priced though).

Basically all we did was eat, clean the house (she couldn't stand my place and had very strong desires to clean everything), eat more, bond and sleep :3

Saturday, February 1, 2014

CNY 2014

This year is my first year spending Chinese New Year away from family (UK peeps I understand your pain now) so it was kind of depressing given the fact that I have to work on the first day of CNY as well. Thankfully I have amazing friends who knows how to cook even amazing food. Of course I still miss the 10 course meals and buffets and snacks (ugh pineapple tarts please) ;___;

The spread

DIY yee sang. It was amazing, even better than some I had in Malaysian restaurants to be honest.

Tradition is tradition.

 I COULD DIE FOR THIS PORK (excuse me I haven't eaten char siew in very long)

Cereal prawn! 

The staple CNY food: Home made bak gua CAN I GET A HELL YEAHHHH


I normally do CNY shopping with my family but since I am here alone I decided to do some of my own CNY shopping online since various sites went on sale.



Toms shoes are my favourite casual shoes brand now. One of the reasons is they are versatile - I can wear it with girly shit or casual shorts or to work. & most importantly, the female and male designs are the same (they are unisexual anyway) and so I don't look like I'm wearing men shoes when I wear girly shit. It's important to me because I have insanely big feet for a female and finding a pair of ~female~ casual shoes that I like is like trying to find a speck of gold dust in a big pile of shit (in other words pretty effing difficult). The shoes above are men size 10 (US10, UK9).

ALSO they are ridiculously comfortable I can literally walk hours in them (which is what I did in Melbourne because this was the only shoes I packed). They are as comfortable as sneakers but looks 1000 times better than them. The only downside is it's a tad bit pricey.


Lorna Jane is an Australian active brand and I would normally not buy from them because they are incredibly pricey (almost $70 for a sports bra? NO) but since they were having offers I bought their knee length and 3/4 tights (because they were the best deals hohoho) in preparation for winter. The quality is pretty good - good enough for me to buy at a discount though, not full price :x In their defense, their active wear designs are gorgeous. In a sense, LJ is like Lululemon - gorgeous as hell but pricey.

Speaking of fitness, I have finally broke my barbell squats PR. Managed to up my squats to 5 sets of 50kg x 5. Previously when I was trying to achieve this, I ran into a lot of problems. My squat form wasn't right, my core wasn't strong enough - resulting in me over compensating using my lower back, in turn causing myself to have bad lower back aches. I got some advice from female lifters I follow and decided to leave my ego at the door and bring down the weight to rebuild my squats. I found out that that everybody squats differently because of our different bone structure and height hence I had to explore squat forms which are the best for me. I have spent a few months on ~40-45kg rebuilding my core and form and finally today I tried 50kg and felt surprisingly strong when I powered through my work out :)

Everybody knows squats build butts (firmer, perkier, bigger, whatever) - I only wish companies would start making appropriate shorts for people who has butts. I can't even wear my old shorts without feeling indecent because my butt has grown -___- Pants these days seem to be made for people with no butts???

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Republic of Thieves

“Some day, Locke Lamora,” he said, “some day, you’re going to fuck up so magnificently, so ambitiously, so overwhelmingly that the sky will light up and the moons will spin and the gods themselves will shit comets with glee. And I just hope I’m still around to see it.”

“Oh please,” said Locke. “It’ll never happen.”
― Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora

For a person who is not a fan of the fantasy genre, I have read a lot of fantasy books. I don't even know why haha. I just finished reading Scott Lynch's The Republic of Thieves and I am now having a book hangover. It's the third book of the Gentleman Bastard series and the whole series is just amazing. You know how some fantasy books have pages and pages of description? This is not one of those. I hate books where I am 50 pages into it and the author is still describing bloody trees and hills and birds and shit.

If you like stories like Ocean's Eleven, you will like this series. The setting is around the pre-renaissance period in Venice and the main character Locke Lamora is an orphan raised to be a thief (an 'atas' thief might I add) and with his friends he runs very elaborate schemes. He is a very sarcastic and vulgar and witty character and I love him for that (Scott Lynch writes the best insults I swear, I have never seen any author writes vulgarities so elegantly). By the end of every book I always find myself thinking how smart and cunning he is. Of course his plans aren't always smooth sailing and he finds himself in a heck load of trouble, which is the main point of the books and the author always manages to surprise me with twists and turns (not always in favor of Locke, which is always entertaining) and it's just so brilliant. Now comes the worst part - waiting for the fourth book. Lynch just had to end the book with a cliffhanger.

I have only religiously followed 3 fantasy genre series. Harry Potter (7 books), Gentleman Bastards (3 books so far) and The Kingkiller Chronicle (2 books so far, but is a trilogy). & the awesome thing I found out is, the author of TKC (Patrick Rothfuss) is a big fan of Scott Lynch. He even left a long review and a rating of 5/5 for the first book of Gentleman Bastards on Goodreads. I just found it really cute hhaha.

Maybe I am a fan of the fantasy genre afterall? It entirely depends on the character and the story line though, hence the world the story is set in is secondary. I love the HP series because of Harry, I love the Gentleman Bastard series because of Locke (and Jean) and I love The King Killer Chronicle series because of Kvothe. I guess a lot of 'normal' books fail to catch my attention because of the cut-out characters with cliche traits and personality.